Hi.  My name is Lee Tucker.  I decided to start this blog at the suggestion of a friend.  I swirl my formal school training, jobs I've had, and my pottery into an uncommon skill set.

I am a self taught potter and have been throwing since 1998. I like to make functional items, but branch off into whimsy from time to time. Occasionally I sell something, but mostly am in it for the fun and challenge.

I also have a Masters Degree (Biological Science with emphasis in Medical Micro and Microbial Ecology).

And my current job is in the Safety field.  Go figure.

I've been a caver, I've ice skated more than a little, I know a little about horses and dogs and cats, running a tractor………….

If you are wondering about Black Kitty Pottery, my story here is that a black cat adopted us. For a long time he was an outdoor kitty that had access to my garage. The studio is in the garage. Black Kitty started hanging out with me when I potted. He'd watch and sleep and watch some more. He became my mascot and sometime muse.

© William Tucker 2012